Radiographic Film Exposure, Processing and Viewing

Radiation Exposure Calculator

JEM Radiation Exposure Calculator
Hexalon Lead Intensifying Screens
4 1/2" x 17"
8" x 10"
7" x 17"
14" x 17"
Continuous Rolls 17" wide
Screen 0.005"

(95 FT)
Thickness 0.010"

(54 FT)
Flexible Film Holders (Standard Sizes)
4 1/2" x 17"
8" x 10"
7" x 17"
14" x 17"
Center stitch canvas: 70mm wide x 98 feet long
Film Viewing
Model 65 C1 Twin Viewer
Model 187A High Intensity Viewer
Model 186 Fluorescent Illuminator
Model 188 Bright Spot Illuminator
Model 200 Series Illuminator
X-RITE Model 331 Battery Operated
X-RITE Model 301 Electrical
5-Step Certified Film Strip
17-Step Kodak Industrex Density Strip
Radiation Safety
Dosimeter, Model 862L
Dosimeter Charger, Model 909
Radiation Survey Meter, Model 3009A
Economy Survey Meter, Model 3700A
Film Developing Hangers
14" x 17"
All other Sizes Available
70mm Plastic Developing Reel
Darkroom Laboratory Accessories
Glass Thermometer
Immersion Heater with Thermostat
ID Printer, Manual
ID Printer, Auto
ID Printer Cards
Circular 3 1/2" Safelight
Desktop Corner Rounder, Model CR-20
Benchtop Corner Rounder

Combination Cobalt 60 & Iridium 192 Radiation Exposure Calculator
Durable, in this handy pocket size.
Simple, easy-to-follow instructions
Radiation Exposure Calculator